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  Specialist Ultraviolet and Infrared products
Industrial & Scientific applications

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Flat, Spherical, Toroid
Toroid mirror Prismen
Right Angle, Corner Cube, Penta, Littrow, Dove, Equilateral, Wedge, Micro & Miniature
Corner Cube
Plano Concave, Convex, Double Concave, Convex, Condenser, Cylindrical, Meniscus, Miniature
Plano Concave lens Windows
Square, Round
Beam Splitters
Mirror, Cube
Beam Splitters Filters
Optical, Neutral Density
Neutral Density filters
Metallic, Dielectric, Multi layer, Anti-reflection
Polka dot filter Pocket microscopes
4 fixed magnifications with integral scale (@
Pocket microscopes

Prisms, Lenses & Windows are available in:
All Glass types, Fused Silica & Infrared Crystal
Quotations can be provided for quantity Custom production to customer specification.

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